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Chiropractor Richmond Hill Ontario

  • Is your back hurting so much you can't sleep and you need help now?
  • Been in a car accident recently and feeling some stiffness in your back and neck, but not sure if there's a problem?
  • Is an old sports injury been causing you nagging pain, especially when it rains or gets cold outside?
  • Wondering if the pain in your feet from standing can be relieved?
  • Is arthritis causing you pain in all your joints?
  • Do you have painful tension headaches and migraines that seem to paralyze you?

We can help!

Our Services

Back Pain Relief

Soft Tissue Treatment (ART)

Sports Injury and Orthopedic Treatment

Arthritic Pain Relief

Accupuncture and Cold Laser Treatment

Whiplash & Neck Pain Therapy

Headace and Migraine Treatment

Foot Care (Orthotics)

Free Assessment

Since you may not know Dr. Thang Le, he'd love to meet you and give you a free assessment. Here's what's included in your free assessment:

  • Pain Assessment - Where does it hurt and what type of pain?
  • Posture Analysis - Is your posture causing your pain?
  • Treatment Plan - A realistic plan.

Who Is Dr. Thang Le?

As Clinic Director and Founder of Le Chiropractic & Laser Therapy, Dr. Thang Le's approach to healthcare emphasizes the body's ability to self-heal. By incorpating aspects of physical medicine, exercise and nutrition, Dr. Le provides a healing experience that guides each patient towards their goals.


"My back was hurting so bad that I couldn't walk upright. After Dr. Thang Le's treatment, I'm pain free. You're a miracle worker!" - J. Lim